The old Russian Oatmeal
The old Russian Oatmeal

The old Russian Oatmeal


Weight: 500 g
Oatmeal is the flour from grains of oats or barley, which are pre-steamed, dried, roasted, cleaned and pounded.

Oatmeal is different from the regular grind flour. It has better taste, and also it's better in nutrients. Oatmeal retains all the grain fractions, whereas during the production of grinded regular flour the most nutritious peeled factions are going to waste.

Oatmeal is rich in lecithin which nourishes the brain. It because the temperature in oven for producing the oatmeal is not higher than 40 C (lecithin is destroyed when heated above 45 degrees).

Еxpiration date: 4 months

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