Gluten-free food
Gluten-free food

Gluten free products.

Gluten-free bread mixes “Garnets” don’t contain any chemical additives. They consist of several types of whole grain flour and the corn starch. This product is suitable as for people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease, as for people who wants to follow the healthy diet. We careful select the raw materials for processing our products that provides the perfect consumer properties of mixtures.

The wholewheat flour by “Garnec” company obtained by grinding the whole buckwheat or rice cereals, the process of grinding accordances with GOST rules. The grinding temperature isn't higher than 40 C above the zero, and the distribution of fractions is the same as in flour that was grinding perfect millstones: from the large to very small.

We produce our products in the special allocated for it places by the best equipment.

Our raw ingredients and prepared flour consist gluten less than 20 mg / kg. We monitor the quality of the raw ingredients and in the finished products. The monitoring is carried out in our  plants and also external accredited laboratory.